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Where Fun and Learning Meet!

Welcome to Agri-Golf

Agri-Golf is the perfect way to blend fun, education, and activity on any fairground. Using a game that families have enjoyed for decades, each hole is specialized to any state’s agricultural or farming facts. 


Book the Fair market's only portable and modular LED 9-hole mini golf course today!

"Agri-Golf transformed our fair! It's a crowd-pleaser that educates while it entertains. A hole-in-one addition to any fair experience!"

Experience the Magic of Agri-Golf

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Fun for All Ages

Our mini-golf course is designed to entertain both kids and adults while providing valuable insights into the world of agriculture.

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Customized for Every Fair

We tailor each course to your state's agricultural facts, making Agri-Golf a memorable addition to any fair.

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A Personalized Touch

Agri-Golf becomes a part of your fair by featuring your logo on scorecards.

Works Indoors or Outdoors!

Completely weather resistant and ready for play almost instantly after a weather event.

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Interactive and Educational

Explore themed holes with agricultural obstacles, vibrant LED lights, and challenging placements that will test your skills.

Turn the music on

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What We Provide

  • Self-Contained 9-Hole Miniature Golf Course

  • Ag Themed Obstacles

  • Putters & Soft Play Golf Balls

  • Custom Show Trailer and Sound Equipment 

  • Branded Score Cards with your Fair's Logo

  • Professional Children's Entertainer Attendant

  • Up to 8 hours of FREE Play per day of fair

  • Prizes for up to 3 Mini Golf Tournaments each day of your Fair


What You Provide

  • Minimum space of 30x30 feet

  • We can set up Indoors or Outdoors

  • 1 30 Amp RV plug for Show Trailer

  • 2 Standard electrical plugs for Show

  • 1 hotel room close to your fairgrounds 

About Us

About Agri-Golf

Agri-Golf is the brainchild of Lee and Rebecca Andrews, a dynamic duo passionate about fairs and agriculture education. They have combined their passion for agriculture education and family fun to create a unique adventure that's perfect for fairs of all sizes.


Agri-Golf is a unique and entertaining way to learn about agriculture and farming while having fun on the fairground. Our specialized holes are designed to showcase your state's agricultural facts and provide a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

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About Lee

Now in his 28th year of performing, Lee has quite literally been a performer his whole life. When Lee created his clown character, Lew-E, at the age of three, he had no idea that it would turn into his career. Lee has been blessed to be able to travel the world performing in almost every entertainment venue imaginable! Lee has now found his passion of performing for the fair industry nationwide with his own show, Lew-E's Comedy Circus.

   Lee grew up on the carnival lots of the McNair Amusement company. Mr. Hugh McNair and his daughter, Lisa McNair, took Lee under their wing to teach him the ropes of the carnival business. In 2004, at the age of 12, Lee was hired to perform at his first state fair as Lew-E the Clown. He has since that time spent every second on every fairground he has worked, learning ways to make his show one of the most enjoyable experiences a fairgoer will have at their fair. 

  After 4,000 performances, Lee is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the country. Lee has a true love and dedication for performing. His number one goal is to create an experience that families will share and talk about for many years to come. Combining their dedication to the fair market and their love for miniature golf made Agri-Golf a no brainer for Lee and Rebecca. Educating children while they're having fun and not realizing they are learning in the process is the ultimate compliment Agri-Golf receives! Lee and his wife reside in Macon, Georgia with their handsome son Ashton, and beautiful daughter McKenzie..